Zoomies for Business

For brands with the Need for Speed

What is Zoomies for Business?

Every domain could use a Speed dialer. Zoomies' philosophy of focussing on key points first draws consumers into exploring your brand and the simply-designed layout makes it easy for them to navigate to your platform for further business. Minimalism is the marketing trend that exudes the philosophy of “less is more.” Clear and concise information, well-designed layout, and simple packaging are highly valued by consumers. Customers are more likely to engage with a simple display of information versus an overwhelming smorgasbord of superfluity.

The following are some pictorial representations of speed-dialing use-cases to draw inspiration from. If you would like to discuss about how integrating Zoomies with your brand will add to your customers' experience (especially during the pandemic times), drop me an email today.

Customer Support

Customer Support Tracking

Abstract out your Ticket Management software - Declutter your operator's work and keep your customers happy.

Movies and Events

Live Events and Movies

With artists going online for performing events, draw more audience with a one-click booking option.

News and Blogs

News/Blogs Feed

A neat way to keep readers engaged with your content with timely minimal headlines.

Edtech and distance learning


Simplify schedule planning and access to online classrooms for your teachers and students.



Allow your sales operators to connect with customers with one-click and save time.